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1420 X 800 resolution H.264 MP4 video @ 2250k video bitrate
384k 6ch Dolby AC3 Main audio channel in the English Language
192k 2ch Dolby AC3 Second audio channel choice in Spanish

Subtitles for DVD and Bluray are the same we found. Both work on this video.
Arabic Brazilian English Farsi Greek Portuguese Romanian Serbian Spanish
and Turkish. No other euro subs found at the time of this posting, and the only
subs in Hebrew were unreadable as they were uploaded or stored it seems
possibly in the wrong format at the subsite. (kindly re-upload in UTF8).

This is a documentary about the city of Jerusalem which is quite
professionally done, by the folks at National geographic channel
and some related public relations entities in Israel it seems based
on the credits at the end of the program.

There's much interesting scenery of course. Although I personally
prefer the appeals of a modern city with all the amenities and with
modern buildings and related hotels and cafes like you might find in Paris
or Dublin or wherever I can have some real fun on an adventure
of the type I would instead enjoy personally.

Ultimately its pretty hard for me to fathom the dispute that has gone
on for so long and cost so many lives over a small piece of land that
each party claims makes them the followers of the truer and righter
spirited religion and adherence it seems to its dictates, if they can
only prevail over the other side in this regard.

Seems like a prescription for a huge global calamity someday
unless we can get sanity to prevail rather than let each side
claim "moral" or military might or superiority as the ultimate
way to win in this dispute, when a humanistic approach might
just settle the matter peacefully and for all time. That is my
hope for a quick and lasting resolution to the disagreements
over what the right thing to do is. It isn't much land in any
event - there's lots more in the region and the planet for all
that need a place ultimately - so all can live in peace wherever
they happen to be at the end of it all, possibly with resettlement
assistance reasonably offered..

Hope you like the video , if so please seed
with thanks

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(more images below:)


Jerusalem (2013) 1080p H.264 National Geographic Channel Documentary (moviesbyrizzo upload) Subtitles folders Serbian
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Portuguese - Brazil
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